Restoration  &  Custom Services

  At Beat 2 Heat, we strive for quality work.  We offer a customized services for your favorite kicks!  All our restorations and customs are done using professional quality, color matched paints, and materials. Take a look below, decide what you need done, and simply contact B2H.  Please be sure to read the disclaimer and rules at the bottom of this page before placing any work request.  All Pricing is on a one on one basis, depending on the wear and tear put on the shoes.  A quote will be given when you contact us if not currently booked.

Mid-Sole Repainting (original color)




We will remove any old cracking, chipped, or discolored paint from the shoe and repaint it with the original colorway.  The paint will then have a finisher over the top to help protect it, and bring it back to it's original luster and shine.







Custom Molded Rubber Tabs




Beat 2 Heat is proud to offer your own custom molded tabs made to replace the heel tabs on your shoes. Material is durable, flexible and long lasting rubber.  
To place your own custom order for these visit the shop at:
Full Customs




B2H offers our own custom designs of classic kicks, but you can always order your own full custom colorways as well to create what ever you can imagine.  Customer must provide the shoes and at least a general concept of the design you want.  Contact us now!


$200+ USD 




Tab Swaps




Beat 2 Heat also offers the heel tab replacement services due to age and cracking or wanting the "OG" look. Material is durable, simi-flexible and long lasting.
To place your own tab swap order visit the shop at:
- Please understand that we do not build shoes, nor can we typically re-build shoes.  We do our best to look over every job in detail in advance and discuss with the customer what can or can not be done.  In some cases, if the leather is torn or cracked beyond the point of repair we will let the customer know, but it would be best if these types of issues were addressed before sending them to us.
- Most restorations can take anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the job.  Custom orders sometimes can take up to 6 to 8 weeks.  Please be patient, as we want to take our time and make sure the job is done right.  We treat every pair as if it is our own and want to make sure people can say the quality of work found at B2H is above all else.
- Sometimes you just have to know when to say good bye to your favorite pair.  Remember we are restorers and customizers, not miracle workers or a factory in China.  We can not rebuild or build shoes when the materials are beyond repair.  We can not emphasize this enough.
- All shipping and handling is paid for by the customer.  
- Shoes are either paid for or provided by customer for special/custom orders.
- All payments are done via PayPal, and you will be contacted by a B2H member to discuss terms of those payments, or if multiple jobs are being done, how to combine shipping and payment.  If payment is not recieved within 90 days the shoes will be considered payment themselves and sold at auction.


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